NEWS: “The World Championship becomes Hybrid

Due to the ongoing Covid situation, the International Massage Association has decided that the 2021 World Championship in Massage edition will be held as a Hybrid edition. 

What does Hybrid edition mean?

The Championship will be split into two simultaneous parts. One physically in Denmark and One online live.

  1. The physically part is like former years/Championships.
  2. The online part where the participants will be going live (most likely Zoom) with their massage treatments from a place of their own choice. There will be judges live watching and judging these treatments on same terms as the physical part. 

For those participants whom are not able to attend in Denmark 2021 the International Massage Association offers that the registration for 2021 is pushed to 2022, provided that the massage therapist participates in the online part of the competition for 2021. 

Medio May 2021, all registered participants will receive a mail with a link for them to choose whether to participate the online or the physical version.

We point out that the International Massage Association at all times follow Danish regulations regarding the Covid19 situation and the fact that these can be changed from day to day. We strongly recommend all participants to stay updated on these regularly. Click here