New Judge Introduction

Liane Dufresne has been a Certified and Registered Massage Therapist for more than 35 years and is the head of a multidisciplinary clinic bearing her name in Montreal, Quebec, Canada for the past 25 years. in 2024 she will be one of the Judges at the International Massage Association 7th World Championship in Massage.

She comes from a family of strong men and women, she has won the World Arm Wrestling Champion title 11 times from 1985 until her retirement from competition in 1998. In her massage practice, Liane is a firm believer that the key to success in this discipline is not to only rely on strength, but to rely as much on technique and training. 

Through her journey as an athlete, she has been able to personally discover and experiment all the benefits massage therapy can bring to the body both in sports performance and in everyday life. The human body and its reactions fascinate her and allow her to excel in her profession and, above all, to carefully balance her interventions.

In 2022, she organized and served as a judge in the first edition of the LNE SPA CANADA Canadian Massage Championship. The first edition achieved an unexpected success which served as a springboard and she repeated the experience and ensured the full organization of the 2023 event. The 2023 edition also achieved unprecedented success. In 2024, Liane will lead the Canadian and International Massage therapy Championship and Summit. 

A teacher, lifelong student and speaker, she does not hesitate to share her knowledge. She travels the continents to meet international players and pillars of the field to find the inspiration necessary to perfect her art and actively participate in the advancement of massage therapy. 

Her wish: to serve as an inspiration to all those who want to embark on what she considers to be the most beautiful profession in the world, a profession of generosity, kindness, compassion and integrity. Here Liane is with IMA Founder at the Canadian Massage Championship in Montreal 2023.

Live from the Canadian Massage Championship 2023