New IMA Advanced Massage Teacher

Candy Saccoccio from France has passed the IMA’s International Basic and Advanced Massage Teacher courses. She is known for being one of the judges at the last 2 European Massage Championships. IMA has asked her to tell about herself:

Good afternoon, my name is Candy Saccoccio and after a professionnal ice skater career I naturally moved into massages field. I have been full time employed by 5 stars luxury hotels where I have been in charge of training to the highest standards and therapists to master their skills.I like to share and pass on knowledge for people to grow.

I am continuously learning and IMA course was for me what I was looking for: the best as it is an interdisciplinary collaboration worldwide. I always look for excellency and consistency to be able to give as best as I can without forgetting remaining humble; All directors are expert in their field. I feel very happy that I did the course even if after a long day at work it was not easy to study for few hours… Never stay in your comfort zone. Their advices were very good. I have grown myself. I am also thankful that I have met passionnated professionnals from all over the world. I now adapt my teaching and coaching with the new skills I learnt.

Many thanks IMA

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Congratulations from the International Massage Associations and the Teacher group behind the International Teacher Courses.