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New Educated IMA Massage Teacher

Viktor Oguy has just graduated the IMA International Teacher Basic Course. The International Massage Association has asked him to tell about himself.

I am a Teacher of medical massage, singing bowls massage, founder of the portal поющиечаши.рф

I am a Researcher, author of the technique of Vibration-acoustic massage with singing bowls, writer (more than 16 published books), traveler and organizer of expeditions to places of power. A medical doctor, a teacher, a practicing specialist.

With my considerable experience of international teaching singing bowl massage courses from 2012 to the present (>1600 students in singing bowl massage courses, 59 FULL-time seminars in 15 countries and on 5 continents), this ITC course was very interesting to me, I could not stop 🙂

Personally, the course was especially useful for me in that that it turned out to be an external audit of my activities – and I received confirmation that I was doing everything right + a lot of interesting things that can still be implemented or improved.

The second is that the course is unnecessary without water, only in essence, the key points.
And perhaps the third thing is that I am visual, not auditory, and it is very difficult for me to perceive information by ear, but visually (reading) is very good.

Therefore, the presence of a video is not important for me at all, but the presence of both a presentation and a transcript of the lecture – this greatly contributed to the assimilation of information.




We at the International Massage Association wishes Viktor Oguy congratulations with his education.

Course review by Ekaterina Votonova
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