Myspa becomes sponsor for the Wellness Massage category at the World Championship in Massage

It is with great pleasure that the International Massage Association can announce that Myspa is the new sponsor of the Wellness Massage category at the World Championship in Massage 2020 in Copenhagen.

Myspa is a unique brand of natural cosmetic products for facial and body care. Founded by Déborrha, a recipient of the Meilleur Ouvrier de France title, the brand is representative of luxury à la française. It combines ancestral traditions from all five continents with a superior savoir-faire in the pursuit of a truly holistic approach.

A unique experience for the Face, Body and Mind

Myspa products go well-beyond their mere cosmetic application. Ideas of travel and an escape for both the body and mind are an integral part of the brand’s DNA.
Its founder travels the world to discover and revisit the professional products and skincare rituals of the future.
Each product line has its own original ritual for an incomparable and authentic sensory experience.
The diverse fragrances, the carefully selected ingredients, and the respect for ancestral traditions from different continents provide a unique and delicate experience.

Myspa is an invitation to Travel, for a timeless break in a Luxury Spa Environment.

Déborrha, the Creator of Myspa, began her professional career in the school of Cosmetics and Haute Couture in Paris. A manager from the age of 20, she decided to return to the source of the profession and to develop her skills with techniques from around the world.

Her voyage began in Provence, then she crisscrossed other continents for a more global perspective. She then decided to settle on the Island of St Barthélemy, where she worked in collaboration with luxury hotels, villas and yachts. She provided her knowledge and techniques to refined and demanding clients.

This is how her philosophy was born, a belief that Luxury and Ancestral methods can coexist and that Well-Being and Cosmetics are inseparable, which is what led her to receive the “Meilleur Ouvrier de France en Esthétique” (Finest French Craftsperson in Cosmetics) title of excellence.
She then returned to Provence, and upon request from her clients and Professionals in the field, Myspa cosmetics was born in 2013, resulting from this combination of experiences, knowledge and passion.

Myspa, a Seductive Philosophy

Our Partners trust us because Myspa is a modern Cosmetics Company where Effectiveness means Sensory Awareness and Natural Products.

More than 600 spas and beauty parlors worldwide distribute Myspa’s products and savoir-faire: USA, France, West Indies, Réunion, French Polynesia, Switzerland, Belgium, Finland, Italy, Germany, Africa, Singapore with many more to follow.

Myspa continues its trip around the World and look forward watching all the amazing massage therapists at the World Championship in Massage in June in wonderful Copenhagen.

“It is with great pleasure that we can welcome Myspa as a sponsor of the International Massage Associations World Championship in Massage 2020. Myspa is well known in the Massage, Spa and Wellness industry”.

– Jeppe Tengbjerg (IMA)

Déborrah together with IMA Founder Jeppe Tengbjerg at the French Massage Championship 2019