Mihai Onut, Romania

Latest participant at the World Championship in Massage 2019 is Mihai Onut from Romania. 

Mihai is a final year student at the University of Phisical Therapy and Special Motricity. He is part of the modern generation of massage therapists, and his dadication to sport and healthy lifestyle, has put its mark on its therapeutic approaches, especially, its focus for quality, fast and long-lasting results. 

After over 7 years of experience in the massage area, Mihai holds four certificates, being specialized in various techniques, such as on-site chair massage (working two years in multinational offices) and manual Therapy. Also, he spent one year in a recovery clinique, which recommends him as a good professional, paying attention to patient’s needs, empathizing with them.

Massage therapist licensed certification – april 2012

The International massage association look forward watching Mihai Onut skills in Copenhagen.