Massage Hub becomes new IMA Sponsor

The International Massage Association is happy to announce that Massage Hub has agreed to sponsoring our new Competition: Best Massage video and Best Massage Teaser.

Massage Hub is the first open platform for educational massage videos. It brings skills from experts, therapists, teachers and champions in the massage profession from all around the world and make it available and accessible for anyone interested in learning Massage at low cost.

“We are supporting the World Championship in Massage 2021 because we believe that it’s a great opportunity for therapists to grow, improve and inspire each other” – Owner Tamer Morsy

The purpose of Massage Hub and the International Massage Association is to help and inspire massage therapists, massage teachers / schools and National Massage Associations, so it is only natural that we support each other” – IMA Founder Jeppe Tengbjerg

Tamer Morsy himself is a former award winning massage therapist in England and at the European and World Championship in Massage.

Massage Hub is offering 1 month free access to all the participants at the World Championship in Massage 2021.

To get your 1 month free access, please register at, and enter the code “IMA2021”

Massage Hub and Tamer Morsy wishes good luck to all participants.

Tamer Morsy at the World Championship in Massage 2019