Juanita Joy Rosaldo, Philippines

Juanita Joy Rosaldo is 39 years old and from Mangaldan Pangasinan Philippines. She is the World Championships latest participant.

She studied the Massage Therapy Course at GreenMont Systems International Philippines accredited by TESDA REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES.  Juanita Joy Rosaldo has 9 years Professional Massage experience.

Presently she is working at Grecian Bay Hotel Spa Ayia Napa Cyprus. She loves performing different kinds of Massages, Combining and exploring , adopting new techniques as a way to expand her Skills. Her clients often comment her having a “Magic Touch Strong But very Gentle and Relieving “.

Juanita Joy Rosaldo passion is to help her clients with patiently taking the time to listen, meet and design a specific Massage in order to an effectively treat to their needs. It is a rewarding experience to see them Relieved, Satisfied and happy. She enjoy educating her clients the benefits of Massage Therapy and Promoting  Healthy lifestyle and Wellness, and believes in the natural healing power of their bodies.

The International look forward watching Juanita Joy Rosaldo skills at the World Championship in Massage June 22-23 in Copenhagen.