Jivatma (Jiva) Massaguer, USA

The latest participant at the World Championship in Massage 2022 is Jivatma (Jiva) Massaguer from Hawaii, USA. She won the Freestyle Western category in IMA’s Best Massage Promotion and furthermore became 3rd best in the Overall Competition. IMA has asked her to tell about herself.

About Sarga Bodywork:

Sarga  Bodywork is a barefoot massage method that employs the use of a fabric strap fastened to a massage table to deliver therapeutic myofascial and deep tissue techniques. This fabric strap is used by practitioners for stability and to add tensional and gravitational force to specific manual therapy methods. These methods, combined with the broad contact surface of the foot facilitate less restriction and more ease and relaxation in recipients’ bodies.

About Jiva:

I was born and raised in Auroville, an international community in South India founded on the spiritual principles of human unity. I was introduced to massage, healing arts, Yoga, and other somatic practices at a young age by my mother and my surrounding community. As a little girl my hands were often soothing people’s aches and pains, and at 19 I took my first training in Ayurvedic massage. But it wasn’t until 2007 during my first visit to Hawaii that I considered bodywork as a possible career. Later that year, I graduated from the Maui School of Therapeutic Massage under the guidance of James Hackett. Since then Hawaii has been my second home and I have built a full-time bodywork practice while teaching, learning and collaborating with therapists around the world.  

I have trained in various massage techniques including Swedish massage, Deep Tissue, Sports, NMT, Lomilomi, Shiatsu, Ashiatsu, Thai massage and Structural Integration. However the demands of a full private practice and a repetitive-use injury, combined with lots of creativity, a commitment to intelligent body mechanics, and a passion for Yoga and conscious movement, motivated me to explore the dynamic power of foot-based bodywork. It is from these inspirations that I developed and co-founded Sarga Bodywork™. 

Along with bodywork, my interests lie in other forms of body-centered and wellness practices that explore somatic awareness as a means to inspiring vital health through conscious movement, exercise, and self-care. I am continually grateful that I have the opportunity to share my passion and creativity with all of you!

The Maui School of Therapeutic Massage (Hawaii USA).

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The International Massage Association and our sponsor Lemi look forward watching Jivatma (Jiva) Massaguer skills at the World Championship in June 2022 in Copenhagen.

Jivatma (Jiva) Massaguer also participated at IMA’s Best Massage Promotion 2021. She won the Freestyle Western category and became 3rd best in the Overall Competition for below video.

Lisa DiGirolamo represented Sarga Bodywork at the World Championship in Massage 2021