World Championship Massage 2024

Next Championship June 28 – June 30 2024 in Copenhagen


Jeeraphon Ratcharak, Thailand

Latest Massage Therapist at the World Championship in Massage is from Thailand.

Jeeraphon Ratcharak, born in 1974, comes from a small town in southern Thailand. After high school, she studied for a Bachelor’s degree in Economics in Bangkok, after which she became self employed. She had already learned  traditional Thai massage from relatives in her family and completed her official training at the renowned Wat Pho Traditional Medical School in Bangkok, the most well known Traditional Thai massage centre of learning in Western Europe. She has gained further qualifications in pain treatment and massage techniques, studying constantly with Thaimassage nach Tan Training Centre in Feucht, Nürnberg, Germany.

Jeeraphon has lived in Germany since 2009, is married and has two sons.

Her philosophy:

I am happy to help people through my work and to give as much joie de vivre as possible.

The International Massage Association look forward watching Jeeraphon Ratcharak skills for the World Championship in Massage 2022.

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