IMA Content & Brand Manager

The International Massage Association has appointed IMA SoMe of the year 2022-2023 Edina Leichter from Hungary as IMA Content & Brand Manager.

She is known for her @streaminglime where she posts her amazing Massage videos. She herself is a fantastic Massage Therapist based in Budapest and has, among other things, judged the World Championships in Massage twice, as well as several other national and international tournaments.

The IMA Content & Brand Manager’s task is to promote the Massage Profession as well as to draw attention to all the benefits massage has. The task is also to create awareness of the different massage methods and styles that exist within the massage world.

Edina Leichter has over a number of years been able to put Massage in the right light through her videos so that clients and therapists have been able to see the beauty of the craft as a Massage Therapist. From now on, she will officially have to do this task under the wings of The International Massage Association.

Edina offers Massage Therapists, Massage Instructors, Massage School Owners and Massage Equipment Suppliers to create Marketing material for a fee. If this is of interest, she can be contacted directly.

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“With Edina Leichter as Centont & Brand Manager we at the IMA believe we have found the perfect person to help IMA’s mission to Promote the Massage Profession the best way as possible”. – IMA Founder and CEO Jeppe Tengbjerg

Watch one of her Videos here: