III EURASIA Championship of Massage in Moldova

The Association of Masseurs and Rehabilitation Therapists of Moldova presents

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As part of the medical exhibition “Moldmedizin”, in pavilion III Moldexpo

11.09.2019 at 11.00, Eurasian Massage Championship in Moldova

12.09.2019- IV Forum of Massage Technologies “Golden Hands in the Massage World”.

13.09.2019 – Interactive Workshop.

General management of the Championship of Europe and Asia provided by “Association of Masseurs and rehabilitator therapists of Moldova” (AMRM). President of the “Association of Masseurs and rehabilitator therapists of Moldova”, judge of the international massage championships – Roza Antipova.

To participate in the International Championship are invited:

Massage specialists with special education, anaesthetists, manual therapy specialists, representatives of beauty salons, SPA centers, fitness centers and wellness centers, and individual practitioner massage therapists from different countries.

A panel of judges from countries: England, France, Russia, Ukraine, Baltic States, Georgia, Italy, Denmark, Germany, Kazakhstan, Moldova and Romania, teachers and authors of unique techniques of massage, cosmetology and rehabilitation.

Championship will delight participants and spectators with a beautiful SPA show, with a demonstration of original massage techniques and wellness techniques, master classes from leading companies of the SPA industry and leading industry experts, will become a means of promoting a healthy and beautiful lifestyle, enhancing the prestige of the beauty industry and health!

The European and Asian Championships, starting on September 11, 2019, has already become a professional tradition for Moldova. From the very beginning, it stands out for its conceptual forethought and integrity: competition between professionals in the framing of a colorful show and entering the international arena.

On the second day of the Championship, on September 12, forum Golden Hands in the Massage World will take place where reports and exclusive workshops from leading masters of massage, cosmetology and rehabilitation will be shown.

This International Open Championship is an important event of professional scale, namely:

For Moldova:

–    Promotion of the beauty and health branch development;

–    Increasing the prestige of this branch segment;

–    Possibility to draw attention to the professionals in this field on the national level;

–    Propaganda of the healthy lifestyle among the population;

–    Possibility of participation in the following Championships of the international level.

For the massage schools:

–    Possibility to announce themselves on the international professional level;

–    Professional experience exchange;

–    Professional development and professional growth of students. 

For the SPA centers and beauty parlors:

–    Effective advertising of their services;

–    Raising the level of qualification and professional advanced training of their specialists;

–    Professional experience exchange;

–    Possibility to show the proprietary methodologies of massage at your Center;

–    Possibility to take part in the international contests, so that the organization’s name will be promoted.

For individual massage professionals:

–    Effective advertising of their services;

–    Professional experience exchange;

–    Possibility to take part in the international contests to make your name well-known.

 – Possibility of employment in the prestigious organizations

– All participants are given white T-shirts with the logo of the championship, which go on to build the opening of the Championship.

– All participants are awarded: certificates of participation, gifts from sponsors, SPA cosmetics, gift certificates for wellness procedures.

The winners will be awarded:

Diplomas with the signatures of the judges, confirming participation in the Massage Championship of Eurasia in Moldova, cups, medals;

Prizes and presents, including the personal presents from the sponsors.

Special prizes from the judges;

– From the Organizing Committee gift certificates to attend seminars on the forum:

– for 3rd place-30% discount on training in the Forum-seminar “Golden Hands in the Massage World”;

– for 2nd place-50% discount on training in the Forum-seminar “Golden Hands in the Massage World”;

– for the 1st place – free training at the Forum-seminar “Golden Hands in the Massage World”, as well as other prizes (in more detail 2 weeks before the championship itself)

– an opportunity to declare oneself on the pages of professional publications, in training and business programs of industry exhibitions;

– without the qualifying round get to the European Championships and the World.

During the Championship, you will receive support in the form of performances by singers and artists, competitions from sponsors for the audience with the presentation of gifts.

*  Time of the nominations may vary depending on the number of the participants. The final schedule will be presented 2 days before the event.

*  The full conditions of participation and the judge criteria will be handed out in the documents packages upon application for the participation.

II day-September 12, the same place in the pavilion 3, specifically for doctors rehabilitators, aestheticians, cosmetologists, and massage and rehabilitation therapists in the championship will take place V Forum – massage technologies “Golden Hands massage in the world”.

During the forum, the audience will be presented with reports and workshops on the latest technologies of massage, rehabilitation and cosmetology from the six best speakers and teachers in the field of massage, cosmetology and rehabilitation.

To participate in the Forum are invited:

– Representatives and students of massage schools, training centers, enterprises of the beauty industry, medical enterprises, individual specialists, as well as students.

The schedule of the Forum is attached in an additional document.

* The Golden Hands in the Massage World forum will last from 11:00 to 18:00.

* Program of the Forum in an additional application.

Registration fee:

– 50 Euro

Day 3 – Interactive workshop (seminar) with the simultaneous participation of all teachers registered at this event.

How does this happen? All specialists who have applied to participate in this interactive seminar are divided into groups cereals and distributed to teachers, a gong sounds every 20 minutes, and groups switch to another teacher in a clockwise direction. Thus, in a few hours, you will be able to understand what technique you are interested in, from whom, in the future you want to learn.

Registration fee:

– 50 Euro

For foreign participants guarantee the help of hotel accommodation.

You can declare your participation by writing a letter to

You will be sent: championship regulations, participation conditions, application form and participant card. The same documents can be downloaded from

Contact data:

Tel: +373 78 688 883; +(373)79528322

The terms of participation. 


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