Heike Feicho-Post, Germany

Latest participant at the World Championship in Massage is:  Heike Feicho-Post

Representing Germany


Wat Po Traditional Medical School, Bangkok/Thailand
Title: Advanced Thai Medical Massage Therapy 1998

Europäische Akademie für Ayurveda, Germany
Title: Ayurveda Massage Therapeut 2004

Additional she has many private lessons when traveling through the world.
The last massage she has learned was the “Mayan Sobada” in Tulum/Mexico.

Heike Feicho-Post writes about herself and the Mayan Sobada:

Massage is my passion since I started my own business in 1999.
For almost 20 years I was influenced by massages and treatments from the Asian Continent; therefore, the name of my business is Asia Line.
But in 2013 a big change happened in my life.

My life partner is a native Indian (Caxcán) from Mexico and he is living at the Riviera Maya in Tulum. Beeing there, I have looked for traditional Mayan massage for a long time but I couldn’t find the real deal. I recognized that the traditional and ancient Mayan healing knowledge got almost lost in that area.

I was very pleased when, through my partner, I got to know Leopoldo Pool Ek.
Leo is a Mayan from Yucatan and practicing Mayan treatments as a result of 3 generations.
I was amazed and still am about his knowledge and skills.

Getting in touch with him by learning Mayan massage from him I could convince him after a while to share his knowledge to world.

And the idea was born to found the “Academy for Mayan healing”.
This year we will start with the first seminar of Mayan Massage in Berlin but we are also ready to teach in other places from different countries. Wherever we find people who feel called in their heart to learn the traditional Mayan Sobada we will go to teach.
More information about the Maya Sobada please see under Leopoldos profile.

Websites:, (at the moment under construction, but hopefully ready soon)

The International Massage Association look forward watching Heike’s skills at the World Championship in Massage 2019 in Copenhagen.