Gligoris Voltis, Germany

Gligoris Voltis was born in Romania as a child of Greek parents, so he has Greek roots, which he is proud of. His family (cousins, aunts, oncles) still live in Greece, in the region of Macedonia/north from Thessaloniki.

He went to Thailand with friends, just for holiday. On the streets in Thailand there were many Buddhistic monks, who gave massages for food.

One of these monks looked at Gligoris, talked to him and told him, that he saw special strength and potential in him and that he could imagine that he was a good massage therapist.

So, over the period of 2 years he spend his time in the Buddhistic temple of Chiang Mai, where the monks learned him to give massages. And he worked on the streets, wearing monks clothes, giving massages for food, like the monks did.

Unfortunately in those times (Gligois was 22 years old) there were no certificates for massage issued. But there was one German guy, who learned at the same place in Chiang Mai, who opened a massage school in Germany, to present this special massage techniques, which was called TAO-Massage. So Gligoris spend another year training massage in “INSTITUT WILMS”, to get an official certificate for TAO-Massage.

He  worked on professionalizing his passion and worked with many more seminars from Hotstone Massage, Kinesio-Taping and a professional education in chiropractic from “Ackermann”/Sweden. He is a very well known professional on osteopathic and chiropractic treatments. As Gligois also has been a licensed football coach for many years, he knows the body and it’s anatomics very well.

In addition to all the massage, he has been manager of different Spa facilities from the Marriot Hotel, to Steigenberger Hotel or Sheraton Hotels. He managed the wellness areas over 20 years and made his experience as massage therapist. At last he has worked in a great fitness/wellness studio in Frankfurt, called MeridianSpa. There he worked as a Wellness-Manager and Massage-Therapist over 5 years, giving Sauna-Experiences (Aufguss) and managing a team of about 12 to 15 employees.

In December 2016 his wife and Gligoris decided to open their own massage and cosmetic salon in Wiesbaden, located in the Thermal Spa.

Since then they are working on 200 square metres with 10 part time massage therapists, foot spa and facial cosmetics therapists. They have 3  massage rooms for single treatments, 1 room for double treatments (couple treatments), 1 room for chiropractic, 1 room for cosmetic treatments and 1 room for footspa (manicure/pedicure). His wife is a massage therapist as well, working in this profession since 8 years, after having a managers career over more than 20 years.

IMA look forward waching Gligoris Voltis skills at the World Championship in Massage 2019 in Copenhagen.