Georgios Georgoulis, Greece

Georgios Georgoulis from Greece did among many things graduate as a assistant physiotherapist.

After that he did the three levels of thai massage from T.M.C SCHOOL OF CHIANG MAI. Later he went back to Thailand to complete his education in Thai Massage and to graduate as a teacher of Thai Massage from T.M.C School of Chiang Mai. 

He is also educated as a reflexologist.

The massage methods that he has learned are: Thai Massage, Reflexology, Deep tissue, Chi Nei Tsang, Spa, Tok Sen, Cupping and the traditional Greek massage called Hippocratic Anatripsis. 

Georgios Georgoulis  has 7 years of experience in massage. At the World Championship in Massage Georgios Georgoulis will be participating in the category Free Style Massage.

IMA look forward watching his skills.