David Grand, France

Latest participant to sign up for the World Championship in massage is David Grand a former French Massage Champion. IMA has asked him to tell about himself.

Hello everyone, Let me introduce myself : 

My name is David Grand, I am 51 years old. I live in Roanne which is a little town next to Lyon in France.

I have been working as a wellness therapist for 17 years now, and I love my job which is more a passion than a job.

I want to participate for the second time to the World Championship in Massage 2020 where I’ll present a sensorial massage (with massage oils) for the Wellness Massage Category. I like challenges, I appreciate meeting professional therapists because i learn a lot from our discussions. 

* Now, I am going to explain you the style of the massage that I will present : “The Sensorial Massage” The sensoriel massage is a whole body, Well- Being, Relaxation massage… It’s based on the Californian Massage. It’s one of my own personal creations. The massage allows a return to the comfort zone. It’s a cocooning massage, an enveloping massage. I will do a global massage that will make the connection between body and mind. I will work on all to reduce muscle tensions, activate capillary blood vessels (blood circulation) and stimulate nerves. I will stay in constant listening to all the body.I will massage with different techniques such as:-Kneading, Tapping, Rubbing, Palpation(with the palm of the hand), Acupressure, Stretching. This massage aims to find a state of well-being and its purpose to circulate anergy in the whole body.   

* Personal presentation (to know me better) I went to Latin America about 20 years ago to study fundamental drums which is a study of Latin-American percussion. As soon as I returned to France, I went looking for this same hand-skin contact which led me to study at ARTEC School of Massage in France. I graduated from this school ( ARTEC school in Montpellier , France, is known as the “academy for Research on Educational Mind-Body techniques”. During my 5 years of study there, I obtained 3 diplomas. 

1. First, Skills in international massage techniques, such as:- Deep tissue massage, californien massage, Shiatsu, Foot Reflexology, Indian Foot Massage, Korean Massage and Amma’s Calming massage which is a series of movements on the back of the body. 

2. Then, I obtained a professional Aptitude Certificate.- This gave me the right to open my own institute and it gives me the right to work professionally as a Spa Practitioner Masseur using Well- Being, relaxation techniques. 

3. Finally, I received a certificate in body-memory.This is a certificate or diploma in human relations which taught me to take the whole person into account globally both in body and in mind. It involves body memory and looks at what the body reveals about our personal history, particularly memories which are engraved in our body. It englobes the person in a body-mind dynamic. 

I opened my first massage center in 2007. My second center was opened as a Spa in 2011. In 2012, 2013, 2014, I gained professional recognition in France when I won the Best Hands of France Award ( prix des meilleures Mains de France, MMF) three years running. This is a French nationally-recognized award given to the best massager in France. I won the best hands in France Award (MMF) in 3 categories: Neuro muscular, Energetic and Circulatory. Since 2015 I have been president of the jury at MMF which is a professional organization that gives the MMF diploma for the best massager in France award. As well I have been a massage teacher and I have been teaching my own particular style of massage since 2014. Moreover, I preparer professionals who are candidates for the Best massager in France award which is an annual National competition in France. 


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I look forward to meeting you all in Copenhagen.

The International Massage Association and our sponsor Spas de France look forward watching David Grand amazing skills again at the World Championship in Massage in June 2022.

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