Christina Soemarnie Blei-Amatdoelrasit, The Netherlands

Christina Soemanie Blei-AmatdoelrasitBelow is 42 years old and from the Netherlands. At the World Championship in massage 2017 she will be performing a Bamboo Chair Massage and a Bamboo Table Massage.                                                                                   

Which massage methods have you learned?

Traditional Pidjet (Surinamese-Javanese-Indonesian-Balinese) Massage, Traditional Hawaiiaan LomiLomi Kahunah, Thai-Yoga Floor/Table/Chair, Bamboo Chair/Table Massage, Swedish Massage, Sportmassage, Guasha, Cupping, Hot Stone Massage, Reiki 1/2, Reiki Practitioner (Reiki Ryoho Foundation)                                                                                                                  

How many years of experience as a Massage Therapist do you have?

Ten years, since 2006 as a therapist, official, practice in Lelystad Netherlands.

The International Massage Association looks forward watching Christina’s skills next year.