Christie Kuszik, USA

Latest Massage therapist signing up for the World Championship in Massage 2023 is Christie Kuszik from USA. The International Massage Association has asked her to tell about herself:

I am Christie Kuszik a Licensed Massage therapist representing the United States of America.  I moved from Nashville Tennessee to St. Augustine Florida to attend Health Builders School of Therapeutic Massage from where I proudly graduated in 1999.  Choosing to stay in Florida, I built my private practice in Ormond Beach.  (I do miss the country music and the best cheeseburgers but back to the world of massage). 

For the past 23 years I have been immersing myself in the study of eastern and western massage and transferring them seamlessly to my clients has been my passion. My bodywork style is quite unique.  Personal favorite approaches to the body are a toss up between hot stone, Esalan massage and cupping.  Having a solid foundation of knowledge of various modalities (certifications in Thai, Myofascial Release, and Lymphatic massage) integrated with creativity transforms my session into an art form. 

My practice is my playground. I transfer my love for massage as being a provider of continuing education dedicated to revolutionizing and leading the massage industry via innovative techniques and professionalism, to elevate our industry standards. My favorite course to teach is called the Ultimate Hot Stone Massage which combines Ayurvedic techniques with hot and cool stones, essential oils and herbs to aid in balancing the different types of doshas. 

After the competition, I will launch my course in Dynamic Cupping. It has some ‘hell ya moves’ that I am excited to show the judges before making them public knowledge. I am excited to be a part of this competition to help me take that flame of enthusiasm home to the United States, where I can ignite the passion and confidence to therapists to have the same drive and motivation to restore professionalism, and pride in our industry.  

Looking forward to jumping over that pond and seeing you guys in Copenhagen this summer!

The International Massage Association look forward watching Christie Kuszik skills at the 6th World Championship in Massage in wonderful Copenhagen.

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