Caty Cissoko, France

Latest participant at the World Championship in Massage is Caty Cissoko from France. IMA has asked her to tell about herself.

My name is Caty Cissoko. I live in Lambersart in the Lille region in the North of France and I am the French Massage Champion since November 2018. 

Well-being has always been my passion, and after 20 years in luxury real estate I converted to aesthetics and massage 7 years ago. I start a training in aesthetics and spa therapist and spa manager in order to give even more well-being to people who come to see me. 

I work initially at the Hermitage Gantois a 5 Stars Spa Hotel in northern France, then at the WESTIN Paris vendôme as a Spa therapist and then Assistant Spa Manager. I become Spa Manager in June for a season at Spa Etoile des Cimes ****.  I will present 2 massages, one in the Freestyle inspired by my Malian origins and a second in the wellness category.  I will represent France.

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The International Massage association and our sponsor Spas de France look forward watching the skills of one of the best massage therapists in France.