Bruno Greci, France

Latest Massage Therapist signing up for the World Championship in Massage is Bruno Greci from France. The International Massage Association has asked him to introduce himself:

My name is Bruno Greci, I live in Lille (Mons en Pevele) in the North of France

I have been a massage therapist in my office for 14 years. I was initially trained at Wat Po School Bangkok and Chiang Mai Thailand.

I have acquired solid experience in Sports Massage with many athletes whom I have prepared for their competitions. I have also helped many patients with professional Burn Out.

This is my second participation in the World Massage Championship, the first participation was an incredible and educational experience.

My certificate are : Thaï traditional, oil, reflexology and advanced therapy massage in Wat po School massage Bangkok.

My website:

Facebook and Instagram: My shivago Thai massage.

The International Massage association look forward watching Bruno Greci skills again at the World Championship in Massage 2024 in wonderful Copenhagen at the end of June.