Awarded Massage therapist becomes IMA Teacher

Award winning Massage Therapist and teacher has completed IMA Basic Teacher course. We have asked him to tell about himself.

My name is GLIGORIS VOLTIS, I am of Greece origin, but I live in Gießen, Germany. 

I was born 30.03.1962 in Romania as a child of Greece parents, so I have Greece roots, which I am proud of. My parents came to Germany when I was 5 years old, but from my heart I am still Greek. 

My passion for massage arised during my first travel to Thailand. After finishing school I went to Thailand with friends, just for holiday. On the streets in Chiang Mai there have been Buddhistic monks, who gave massages against food.

One of these monks looked at me, talked to me and told me, that he saw special strength and potential in me and that he could imagine that I was a good massage therapist. So, of course, I tried and … over the period of 2 years I spend my time in the Buddhistic temple of Chiang Mai, where the monks teached me hove to give massages. I also worked on the streets, wearing monks clothes, giving massages against food, like the monks did.

After I returned back to Germany I found another teacher, who learned at the same place in Chiang Mai, and who opened a massage school in Germany, to teach the TAO-Massage. So I spend another year training massage in “INSTITUT WILMS”, to get an official certificate for TAO-Massage. 

I have a professional education as furrier and worked in that job for many years. After that I have been working at the airport of Frankfurt for about 25 years. 

But never forgot my passion for massages in relation to the health of the human body and soul. I absolved many seminars as sports teacher and official soccer trainer for adults and children. In addition to my full time jobs I have often been asked to offer massages and/or rent and run the Spa facilities in several hotels at the airport. I managed the wellness areas of Steigenberger / Hilton Hotels for over 20 years and made my experience as Spa manager and massage therapist, there. At last I worked in a great fitness/wellness studio in Frankfurt, called MeridianSpa. I worked as a Wellness- and Spa-Manager and Massage-Therapist over 5 years, giving Sauna-Experiences (Aufguss) and managing a team of employees.

I worked on professionalizing my passion and works with many more seminars from Hotstone Massage, Kinesio-Taping and a professional education in chiropractic from “Ackermann”/Sweden. He is a very well known professional on osteopathic and chiropractic treatments. As I have been licensed football coach for many years, I know the body and it’s anatomics very well. I give a lot of coachings for fitness & health. Since 2019 I follow my passion for Wellness & Health and became “Sauna-Master”, “Hamam-Master” and “Banya-Master”, furthermore I learned the use of singing bowls for meditation, but also in the massage treatment.

In December 2016 me and my wife decided to open our own massage and cosmetic salon “Casa del Silencio” in Wiesbaden, located in the Thermal Spa. In December 2019 we opened our branch in Budenheim, near Mainz, in 2020 another massage salon in Wettenberg near Gießen. We are working with part time employees and freelance massage therapists. We offer beauty treatments, foot spa and massages. Furthermore since many years we offer trainings and seminars in massage. According to this we founded the WMA Wellness & Massage Academy in 2019.

I participated in the European Massage Championships in Spilamberto, Italy and in the World Championships for massages in Kopenhagen in 2019, where I won the bronze medal in the category of Wellness-Massages, which I practiced with singing bowls. In November 2019 Casa del Silencio organized a Charity Event with multiple massage therapists from all over Europe.

Unfortunately due to Corona pandemics we had to close our Spa in Wiesbaden in August 2020, but I never lost my passion for massage therapy, being teacher, coach and judge for massage championships.

Now we are happy to work as massage therapists, because we like it, and we share our passion for massages. You can meet us on facebook: Casa del Silencio (Wiesbaden) or on our homepage:, we have an online shop for vouchers and we offer online-booking services to our customers.

About my special massage therapy: What kind of massage is the TAO-Massage? 

It is not eastern style or Thai-Style, even if I have learned the technique in Thailand. It’s definitely western style with many classic elements, based upon western massage techniques, which I will explain to you. TAO Massage is a holistic massage, which can be issued on parts of the body (only legs or back), but especially in whole body treatments which last about one hour. 

A high degree of mental balance and relaxation is provided after having the professional TAO massage. The TAO massage is an intensive massage of the entire body and acts on the muscles and on the deeper connective tissue. The main focus is to release blockades (blocks) in the physical body, but even on a mental basis. Many people don’t know that they have blockades and are very satisfied after the full body TAO massage. The TAO massage is characterized by special treatment of the back, neck, head, feet to let the energy flow and lead the body to an inner balance. The wellbeing brought with this massage is sustainable and long-lasting, giving you unimagined ways to yourself. All my customers talk about a special experience to their body and to their soul. some of them are talking about the massage with me changed their life completely. 

Since I worked on professionalizing my technique about 25 years, now, in the meantime my massage is a TAO-Massage with very personal elements.

IMA wishes Gligoris congratulations for a well done IMA basic massage Teacher course. #IMA_Teacher