Andre Duguay, Canada

Latest Massage Therapist signing up for the World Championship in massage is Andre Duguay from Canada. IMA has asked her to tell about himself:

Hi, my name is Andre Duguay, born and raised in Quebec, Canada and now live in Vancouver, British Columbia for the last 30 years so I am here to represent Canada. I am 62 years old, been practicing massage on and off for the last 30 years. 

I started my carreer at the school i studied at (CEPC), taking some of my teachers clients when they were to busy. I then moved to Vancouver, practiced in fitness faciliries where I had the priviledge to work with athletes, professionals dancers, models, actors and any walk of life. When i was not practicing i worked behind the scene, putting a program together that i believe would fit and benifit the fitness goals of my clients. 

A program that would work beyond injuries prevention. Although it was part of the equation, my goal was to help my clients, regardles of their fitness training level reach full performance by empowering body’mind. I have created a unique integrative approach that resets, enhances and empower body/min/spirit that can not only be significant in the fitness industry model but also in rehabilitation, physical or emotional and anything in between. I believe that the sky is the limit. My goal is to trained massage therapists and make my program FITMA reach the world and share my knowledge and with the help of therapist and their own implication and knowledge  make this grow even further and bring a new application in the field of massage therapy.

I took my massage training at the Centre d’Epanouissement Psycho Corporel (CEPC) in Ste Foy, Quebec. I got certifications in Swedish massage, Shiatsu and first level of Touch For Health, trained in massage counceling did undergo a personal therapy with a psychologist to complete my training. Along my my massage training i was attending University (Laval University, Quebec ), studying human anatomy, physiology, pathology, biochemistry , Genetic …… I also did my college in Health Science at College de la Gaspesie, Quebec. In Vancouver i studied with a chiropractor, deepening my knowledge in anatomy and biomechanics that made me develop an awereness of the importance of pelvis and spine alignment which has become the core of my treatments by resetting muscles that cause posture imbalance. I with the use anc combination of the the modalities that i work with succesfully in one treatment fixed a client that was dealing with a bulged disc for a number of years, which was never fixed by any health professionals he went to. I with the easy access of internet keep myself learning about this magnificient machine that is our body and the importance of a powerful mindset.

Since there is no categories yet that would allow me to do my usual treatment, I will enter 2 categories: Free stile massage, Western and Eastern inspired and yes I will be coming to Copenhagen. Really looking forward to this amazing and unique experience where we can all share our knowledge.

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The International Massage Association look forward watching Andre Duguay from Canada skills at the World Championship in Massage 2022 in Copenhagen in June.

Andre Duguay also participate in IMA’S Best Massage Promotion 2022 Competition
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