Anastasia Yecke Gude, USA

The latest Massage Therapist participating at the International Massage Associations 6th World Championship in Massage is Anastasia Yecke Gude from Miami, Florida, USA.

Anastasia is the founder and owner of Healing Hands, the highest-rated massage therapy company in the City of Miami.  Miami has more than its share of five-star spas but Anastasia and her team stand out from the rest by providing excellent value in a true 60-minute hour that includes deep tissue, therapeutic stretching, hot stones, and aromatherapy with each session.  Healing Hands is certified as a women-owned business through WBENC, the gold standard for women-owned companies in the USA.  Her company incorporates giving into everything they do through their partnership with B1G1.

Anastasia has been a licensed massage therapist since 2010.  She is passionate about the art of massage and believes that one of the things that defines a great massage is to work ALL the muscles that move a particular joint, rather than just the ones on the surface. To that end, she incorporates gentle movements and therapeutic stretching into her sessions.  She tailors each session to the client’s needs with the ultimate goal of helping the body create space.

Anastasia is a proud graduate of Educating Hands in Miami, FL.

The website for her company is:

The International Massage Association look forward watching her skills in wonderful Copenhagen, Denmark on July 1-2.

Participants at the World Championship in Massage