Aisya Zulaikha Has Tuah, Malaysia

The latest massage therapist signing up for IMA’s World Championship in Massage 2022 is from Malaysia. IMA has asked her to tell about herself:

My name is Madam Aisya Zulaikha Has Tuah. I am Founder Jendela Spa from Melaka Malaysia.

We are the First Spa in Malaysia Specialized in Bride To Be Spa.

For Me myself, I offer high quality and personalized Full Body Massage and Face Massage which I also combine with reiki and energy healing for the best results and feelings for my clients.

I love learning and I’m so passioned in massage, where ever place that I travel I will make sure to having private personal coaching with guru to learn more about massage and healing.

I have my own Academy Beautepreneur which I teach and produce apprentice for massage and spa therapist, I also appointed by collage & university for sharing my experience.

I also learn at watpo and most of time I have my private guru.

I love learning,I love take risk, I love learn new things,and I want live my dreams. That is I want to be Royal Masseuse. I know the time will come.

Most Excited things I want to be the First Malay Women from Melaka Malaysia to Attending IMA World Championship in Massage in Denmark and to gain more experience and to growing. 

Alhamdulillah thank God Its happen now I get the opportunity and I’m so excited to see all new friends from all around the world and to LEARN MORE.

Lots of LOVE from Aisya,

Melaka Malaysia❤️

This is my Instagram, YouTube and facebook: Jendela Spa

The International Massage Association look forward watching Madam Aisya Zulaikha Has Tuah skills at the World Championship in Massage in wonderful Copenhagen.

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