Victor Kovyrzin, Russia

Latest participant of the World Championship in Massage 2019 in Copenhagen is the Russian Massage Therapist Victor Kovyrzin. IMA has asked Victor to introduce himself.

My name is Victor Kovyrzin. I spent my childhood in the remote Russian village, where secrets of healing by folk medicine were still kept and passed on. By the age of 16 I’d already learned the old Slavonic abdominal massage from my grandmother and began to help people. Then I graduated from the institute as an engineer and started my own business.

But a dramatic incident rocked my world and brought me back to massage: in March 2006, aftera car accident and a spinal fracture, I was healed by an old woman Maria. I began to learn from her, and later I sold my business. I was so inspired by the healing that I began to develop my own method of massage therapy in health improvement.

I called this method of treatment Ladanie. It integrates my knowledge in engineering, medicine and martial arts. It is a holistic approach to health recovery at 3 levels: physical, energy and informational.

Ladanie helps a person to harmonize his mind, soul, and body through his own awareness.There is a special author’s technique of therapist-client communication, where a client participates in the process. He starts feeling his body conditions and is able to change them through his consciousness.

Until 2010, I worked as a massage therapist in the Medical Center for Cancer Patients “Partner”. In 2010, I founded “Viktor Kovyrzin Massage Center”. Later in 2014 I received a diploma of a healer and a license of the Russian Ministry of Health to practise traditional medicine and founded the Alternative Medicine Center “Ladanie”.

In November 2016 it was the first time I presented “Ladanie” massage therapy method , at theVolga-Vyatka Massage Championship and became a prize winner in the nomination “The Best Ethno Massage”. In April 2017 – the winner of the Volga Region Championship. In September 2017 – the participant of TopSpaFest and the Championship of Russia. In October 2017 – the bronze medalist of the International Championship in Moscow. In October 2018 – participant of the Italian Championship on massage SPA talent by Antonio Cerrone.

In 2017 together with my wife we founded the International Ladanie School, so I could start toshare my knowledge and experience with other massage therapists.

At the Championship I will present 2 author’s techniques of Deep Mobilization of Soft Tissuesand Joints “Inverse Massage” and “Impulse Wave Mobilization”, which are included in the method Ladanie.

The International Massage Association look for watching Viktors skills at the World Championship in Massage.