Ampika Y. Blackburn “Bee”, Thailand

Latest participant at the World Championship in Massage 2019 in Copenhagen is Ampika Y. Blackburn. IMA has ask her to introduce herself.

My name is Ampika Y. Blackburn or “Bee” living in Houston, USA. I represent Thailand.

I’m a licensed massage therapist of Texas, USA . I graduated from Asia-Pacific Massage Institute School of Natural Therapies ( Texas, USA. And Institute of Thai Traditional Medicine (Nonthaburi), Thailand. I’m 37 years old. I started my career as a spa therapist in 2004 in a 4 stars hotel in Phuket, Thailand for 5 years. I used to work in California for years. Recently I attended a special massage class, Thai Warrior Massage, and just starting my own business called “B’s Thai Massage” in Houston, USA. (

My massage style is a combination of using Thai massage, Swedish massage, Aroma Therapy, Deep tissue, Sport Massage, and Hot stone. I also uses a combination of stretching and pressure points. The modalities of combination Bamboo, Hot stone, Seashell, Crystal, Herbal Ball & Himalayan Salt Stone. Hot Stone massage has evolved. Upgrade all the hot stone treatment to include Hot Seashell and warm Bamboo. Use these modalities in combination or stand alone treatments. I have created a modality using Traditional Thai Massage and healing techniques to suit modern spa, massage and beauty treatments. Increase the profits and provide a luxurious and therapeutic treatment for my valued clients. I’d love to help people, all the people around the world. I feel happy, when I can help relieve their pain and suffering. Elevate the client’s day!!!

The International Massage Association look forward watching her skills at the World Championship in Massage in June.

Ampika Yahatta and B’s Thai Massage and website