World Championship Massage 2024

Next Championship June 28 – June 30 2024 in Copenhagen


United Massage Marathon in Kiev, Ukraine

IMA is happy to take part of this great event in Kiev, Ukraine in September.

For the first time in Ukraine, the United Marathon “Massage PROFI”

What does a massage therapist need to know TODAY to become successful TOMORROW?

New professional teaching format with Interactive workshops in a seminar. Working out ready-made cases in pairs on massage tables!

KIEV, Smolenskaya Str/ 31/33

Date: September 17-18, 2019 

Duration: 10:00 – 18:00

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Supported by:

Association of Massage Therapists “Massage PROFI”

The International Massage Association

7 of the best speakers within the Massage industry:

Jeppe Tengbjerg (Denmark). Founder of The International Massage Association, speaker of professional events for massage therapists. Telling about the history of Swedish Massage and the World Championship in Massage in Copenhagen.

-Jidapha Wilkinson (Great Britain). Winner of International Massage Association, National Massage Championships (2018) , Massage SPA Talent and European Massage Association (2018), judge of Massage Association & Complementary Therapies (2019), judge of a World Massage Championship (2019), Associate Member of The Guild of Therapy Lecturers (2019), Insured Member of Associated  Beauty Therapists. Telling about/showing Thai Warrior Massage.

– Alex Bilkevich (Israel) . Work experience as a teacher and massage therapist since 1980. 1980-1991- Teacher and then Senior Lecturer and acting Acting assistant professor of physiotherapy and massage, Head of the cycle of therapeutic and sports massage. Telling about using the methodology of reception of Deep Tissue Massage is direct fascial release when working with back pain



Aleksander goncharob (Russia)  A doctor, a practicing massage therapist with 20 years of experience. Author of textbooks, articles in specialized publications, a permanent consultant to the media on massage issues. Permanent member of the jury of massage championships. Executive Director of MegaSPA School. Telling about Pulpalsing Massage.


-Aleksander Syromyatnikov (Ukraine)  Doctor vertebroneurologist, leading practitioner and author of modern osteopathic technicians, teacher-methodologist of specialized massage medical technologies in the CIS and Eastern Europe, DOCTOR at forum. Telling about Deep Massage.


-Dmitry Redka (Ukraine) LecturerAssociation of massage therapists. Programs of correction and modeling of shapes, bath technologies. SPA master of the highest category, judge of the World Championships in Massage, Certified Teacher of the International School of Myoplastic Massage and the International School of Spa. Telling about dissipate stress massage


-Lidia kharchenko (Ukraine) Lecturer Association of massage therapists. Specialist in massage and rehabilitation, kinesiotherapist, master of Thai and Ayurvedic practices. Judge of the World Championships in massage, a permanent speaker of professional events for massage therapists. Telling about New technology of correction, through fascial harmonization and soft lymphatic drainage


What does a massage therapists need to know TODAY to become successful TOMORROW?

Innovative technologies of the decade;

Modern tools and life hacking for effective work;

Ready cases for diagnosing and treating problems of chronic / acute pain in skeletal muscles of patients;

How to competently synthesize the skills and apply these algorithms in practice;

Valuable material, which is enough for the year ahead

September 17th First session

Massage as a medical-restorative technology. Testing, therapeutic and aesthetic effect. Traditions and technologies of oriental massage culture. SPA-space in a massage room.

– Jeppe Tengbjerg (Denmark)
– Jidapha Wilkinson (Great Britain)

– Alex Bilkevich (Israel)                                   
– Alexander Syromyatnikov (Ukraine)
– Dmitry Redka (Ukraine)
– Lidia Kharchenko (Ukraine)

– Alexander Goncharov (Russia)

September 18th Second session

Rehabilitation and therapeutic practices. Algorithm of work with the patient. Synthesis of soft manual techniques and massage.

NEW! Cosmetology in the hands of a massage therapist – manual technologies of non-surgical rejuvenation. Revitalization. Direct connection of the musculo-fascial chains and aesthetics of the face. Stages of aesthetic face correction: study of the fascia – fascial harmonization methodology – case-cosmetology.

– Jeppe Tengbjerg (Denmark)
– Jidapha Wilkinson (Great Britain)

– Alex Bilkevich (Israel)                                   
– Alexander Syromyatnikov (Ukraine)
– Dmitry Redka (Ukraine)
– Lidia Kharchenko (Ukraine)

– Alexander Goncharov (Russia)

In a programme:

 V open international TOURNAMENT “MassagePROFI” 

World competition among specialists of massage and rehabilitation.



SPA & Wellness massage

Eastern practices // Free style massage 

Swedish massage/ classical massage, sports massage,neuromuscular techniques, stretchingetc.)

Facial massages // Face massage

I TOUR. The most popular PROFI massage. Author’s work methodology.

 * Participants demonstrate the most demanded method in their practice in accordance with the selected category.

II TOUR. PROFI School tandem massage – the practice of working methods in a pair.

* Mentoring School, a new rewarding massage experience.

Tournament winners will represent Ukraine at the World Championships in Copenhagen!

 Tournament participants will receive valuable prizes from partners and sponsors of the event and the winner will receive the main prize- a certificate giving the right to study with a leading teacher of the Ukrainian school of SPA in the amount of $ 150 equivalent! 

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* The program may be additions and changes!

Cost of participation:

 If you pay before 05.08.19 If you pay before 01.09.19 If you pay before 17.09.19
Participation in Training program55 $75 $80 $