Sigma Phi Coronel, The Philippines

Latest Massage Therapist at the World Championship in Massage is Sigma Phi Coronel. The International Massage Association has asked her to tell about herself:

I am Sigma Phi Coronel, 42yrs old from Philippines and currently working at the Etno Spa of Hotel Romantic in Panevezys, Lithuania. I’ve been here for almost 3 years and my experienced for 20 years of the Spa. My 4th country I worked. One of my dreams is to participate in the International Massage Competition, so that I can show my skills that I learned the different types of massage in Philippines where I was started last January 2002 for 2 years 

In Excelsior His and Her Spa at Mandaluyong City Philippines 

Studied of Anatomy and Physiology in Philippine Holistic Wellness Institute in Quezon City Philippines,

Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) in Philippine Government 

I undergo the elite trainer in different massage and memorizing each of specific points until I develop my pressures, movements and how to ease the pain management and eliminate muscle tense and problems such as stiff neck, sciatic, back pain etc. after 5 years I can say that I am a good massage therapist but my perspective and understanding are different now, when I know God that HE is the ONE who gave my skills. Without His hands the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ, I cannot able to healed those of the client problems. Looking forward to my competition to join. And entrust everything to God in according to His Will. For these opportunities participating in IMA, I wish that I can encourage of those Filipino therapists in Philippines to joining of the competitions. Thank you and God Bless Us All.

The countries I would like to present are Lithuania and Philippines

Categories Free Style (Eastern Inspired) and Sports Deep Tissue Massage


The International Massage Association look forward watching Sigma Phi Coronel skills at the World Championship in Massage in Wonderful Copenhagen, Denmark.


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