Pornthip Tal-zvi, Israel

Latest Massage Therapist at the World Championship in Massage is the award winning Pornthip Tal-zvi from Israel. The International Massage Association has asked her to tell about herself:

Hello, I’m Pornthip Tal-zvi.

I’m Frome Thailand but now I’m living and working in Israel.

I studied massage in 2009. When I started studying massage. I think I can’t. Because I feel it’s very difficult. But when I graduated and started working for awhile. I told myself it wasn’t too hard. Especially when customers come back and say thank you. And told me that I had helped them feel better. Don’t have to suffer from pain, tiredness and fatigue. It’s make me happy and I say to myself “wow!!! I can do it”

Now I can say that I love my work and take pride in what I do.

For me every case of massage is a challenge. We have to learn, touch and feel what the customer’s body is like where is the problem, how should we massage

So, I learn and improve myself all the time. Because if I have more knowledge I will be able to help more. And in 2020, I have studied more about mast at Moreno College in Israel.

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The International Massage Association look forward watching Pornthip Tal-zvi skills at the World Championship in Massage. Pornthip Tal-zvi is also one of the nominated in IMA’s Best Massage Promotion Competition.

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