World Championship Massage 2024

Next Championship June 28 – June 30 2024 in Copenhagen


Hamilton Oshiro, Brazil

Latest Massage Therapist at the World Championship in Massage is Hamilton Oshiro from Brazil. Hamilton Oshiro is part of the Brazilian National Team. 

The Brazilian team will be practicing a new protocol they have just developed: Brazilian Massage. They expect this protocol to be recognized as one of the world leading regional types of massage. This protocol was developed by a technical committee of 14 best therapists from their company. With this protocol they express the Brazilian culture in different ways, expanding the touch to a complete wellness experience with Brazilian local traditions: music, dance, nature, warm and happiness. The therapist incorporated all these unique culture characteristics within a special and deep relaxing massage. The World Championship in Massage will be the first place to receive this brand new spa protocol.

Company website:

The 3 Brazilian therapists participating were elected by this Technical Committeeas the best performing professionas to exibit it at the championship.

Hamilton: Senac in 2013 as a professional massage therapist.

Hamilton: Instagram: @hamiltonoshiro

The International Massage Association look forward watching Hamilton Oshiro skills at the World Championship in Massage in Wonderful Copenhagen, Denmark. 

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