New Massage Teacher

Margarita Arzamaskina from Russia has passed the online IMA Approved Massage Teacher Basic class.

She is the founder and Director of the Terra del Sol Beauty Center (Novosibirsk,
A Certified trainer of cosmetic brands Thalion (France) and La Sultane de Saba (France).
For the last 5 years, life has been connected with two cities – Saint Petersburg and Moscow.

Feedback of the course:

Basic Course INTERNATIONAL TEACHER is mastered with pleasure! I waited for every opportunity to dive into the smart online platform, as if in a fascinating Netflix series!⁣

What did I learn from the Course? The desire to work with any information that I want to convey to others! If earlier before each presentation/training I “pumped” my knowledge, now I understand how important it is to consider every detail to be interesting and useful for my students.⁣

These teachers shared the valuable information with me: Inga Radchenko, Andrey Syrchenko, Maria Filatova, Jeppe Tengbjerg, Ryan Hoyme! Thank you!⁣

I recommend the course INTERNATIONAL TEACHER to anyone who wants to be heard in a professional environment!

The International Massage Association wishes Margarita Arzamaskina congratulations.

Others who wants to take the class can sign up here. #IMA_Teacher

The IMA Massage Teacher Advanced class is possible to take by signing up for the Next Topspafest.