New Massage Teacher

Julia Farafonova from Kazakhstan has passed the IMA approved Massage Teacher Basic class.
She is an award winning Massage therapist, physio and Spa therapist.

She was trained by famous massage masters (A. Biryukov, A. Syrchenko, A. Bilkevich, N. Maslova, L. K. Kaibrova)
Participated in XI TopSpaFest (Turkey, 2019).

I’ve passed the first stage of International Teacher Basic!!! I wanted to pass it at the XI Topspafest, but time put everything in its place and the coveted certificate was received! I thank all the teaching staff for the invaluable knowledge and life hacks given to us in this course – Julia Farafonova

The International Massage Association congratulates Julia Farafonova on a successful course. We hope to see her skills at the World Championship in Massage in June 2021 in wonderful Copenhagen.