New IMA Massage Teacher from Germany

Latest massage teacher to complete the IMA approved International Massage Teacher course is Petra Voltis from Germany. IMA has asked her to tell about herself:

“Hello, my name is Petra Voltis!

I am married with Gligoris Voltis and we am living in a small town called Gießen near Frankfurt in the middle of Germany, in the center of the Rhine-Main-Area.
Before I discovered my passion for Wellness & Massages in 2010, I spent many years of my working life in the commercial business, where I have been managing projects and educating adults to learn new skills and techniques and develop their personality.

Since about 10 years now, I discovered my passion for Sauna, Wellness & Massages. So I learned massages & aroma-therapy from teachers in northern Europe and became a massage therapist myself in 2012.
After developing my own knowledge in Swedish, deep tissue and Lava-stone massage in Germany, I experienced Lomi-Lomi in Oahu, Hawaii in 2016. After that I have been educated in Wellness-, Hamam, Banja- & Sauna-Treatments and working with essential oils in the Netherlands, Belgium & Italy. I learned about ayurvedic nutrition and therapies in Germany and Sri Lanka.

As I practice massage since 2012 I found out that “massage is not only massage”. Massage is a physical and mental therapy for relaxation, to relief pain and stress and to regain energy.
So I developed my own “style” of massages and reached a number of customers with specific needs, especially women in leading positions or with special energetic knowledge & facilities.
The main focus and idea behind my massages is the holistic treatment from your head to your toe and from your heart to your soul. Body and soul are one unit.

To be able to offer our individual holistic massage therapies, me and my husband founded our own Spa with beauty & massages, the “Casa del Silencio” in Wiesbaden in 2016, which expanded into a 2nd location in Mainz in 2019. Our Spa grew mainly mouth to mouth about personal recommendations from satisfied clients over about 4 years.
Together with my husband I had the idea to transfer our knowledge about Wellness, Sauna & Massages to interested students in Germany, why we found the “WMA Wellness and Massage Academy” in 2017. We offer our own workshops and seminars, but also organize seminars for other International Massage Teachers, supported by IMA – International Massage Association.

Now, after having passed the test and professional training as a massage teacher, I decided to offer trainings for the IMA to support upcoming students of massage and massage teachers to be able to open their own school or Spa in the near future.
Please do not hesitate do join our seminars in the International Massage School of the IMA – which consists of a team of Wellness and Spa professionals from all over the world.
We will help you to answer the most important questions, how, when, what and why! Make your choice for a qualified education as future massage teacher”.

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Petra Voltis  har already given her first Webinar for the other great international teachers who has begun the IMA Teacher Basic course. IMA wish her good luck with the future teaching.