World Championship Massage 2024

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Masterclass in Freestyle Massage – Denmark

Tengbjerg School of Massage and the International Massage Association offer a course in Freestyle Massage Techniques in collaboration with the Award winning therapist Kinga Jenei from Hungary. 

The teacher and this masterclass course is approved by the International Massage Association. The teaching will be in English.

Location: Absalon Professional College, Troensevej 8 in Naestved, Denmark.

Dates: January 15 & 17. January, 2024. (6pm-10pm both days)

Price: 300 Eur.

Course description: Freestyle massage techniques focus on the importance of flexibility and relaxation. The massage methods are a series of compound massage exercises and stretching of muscles, tendons and fascia. The techniques cover all major and minor muscle groups.

During the course, we will immerse ourselves in the physiological properties and reactions of the massage to the treatment, making it easier to choose the right techniques in the future. With this background, you as a therapist can tailor your approach to the individual client’s problems and at the same time make it an extremely pleasant treatment to receive.

Registration can be done by filling out the form below or by contacting the school master Jeppe Tengbjerg, Tel: +45 20 21 21 98 or at

Accommodation: If the students come from far away, the school can recommend accommodation here:

Bed and breakfast: (just write an email in English)

Hotel Kirstine:

The school does not take responsibility for a teacher getting sick or for other reasons being forced to cancel the course. In this case, only the participant fee will be refunded.

In the below video, the students can watch some of the techniques they will learn on this course.