Marie Keller, Sweden

Marie Keller is 38 years old and from Sweden. She will be performing at the World Championship next year, the classic Swedish massage and a Wellness/Spa Massage.

From where did you graduate as a Massage Therapist?:

Axelsons SPA School Stockholm, Sweden 2005 (dipl. Spaterapeut)

Hälsoteket Stockholm, Sweden 2007 (cert. Massör)

Hälsoteket Stockholm, Sweden 2007 (dipl. Massageterapeut)

AtlasPROfilax Academy, Switzerland  2010 (cert. Atlasprof/atlasspecialist)                                                                                                                                              

Which massage methods did you learn:

Swedish classic massage, sportsmassage, pregnant massage, trigger point, muscle pressur, pnf,  medicin massage, spamassage, atlas treatment.

 How many years of experience as a Massage Therapist do you have:

Spa therapist 11 years, Massage therapist 9 years

IMA look forward watching Marie’s skills.