World Championship Massage 2024

Next Championship June 28 – June 30 2024 in Copenhagen

Inspirational Massage Meeting in Lausanne, Switzerland

Swiss Facialist Academy and owner Enikö Molnár Canonica is hosting a Brainstorm and Inspirational Massage Meeting in wonderful Lausanne included a social trip to the Olympic Museum.

The Meeting/Day will be about the Future of the Massage Profession in Switzerland and in the World. Where is it going and how to get there?.

The meeting is for Massage Therapists, Spa Owners and Managers, Massage School Owners and Massage Equipment suppleres.

The Following topics will be introduced and debated with IMA Founder Jeppe Tengbjerg and IMA Teacher Kinga Jenei:

  1. Massage Methods of the Future
  2. How to promote yourself and your Business
  3. How to teach others
  4. How to mentor others
  5. How to compete at Massage Championships

Date: December 15 2023 between 10am – 6pm


10am – 1pm (Speech and debate)

1pm – 3pm (Lunch and Fun)

3pm – 4pm (Visiting the Olympic Museum)

Price: 30 EUR

Teachers and Meeting leaders will be: 

Jeppe Tengbjerg (The Founder and CEO of the International Massage Association and organizer of the World Championship in Massage). Teacher of Massage in 22 years.

Kinga Jenei (Award Winning Massage Therapist in Romania, Serbia, Greece and Peru). Judge at the World Championship in Massage and several other National and International competitions.

Wish to participate at the Meeting in Lausanne? If so contact Enikö Molnár Canonica via Instagram or by mail: or by WhatsApp: +41 79 200 12 55.