Hari Rapats Offermann, Switzerland

Latest Massage Therapist participating at the World Championship in Massage is the IMA approved National Massage Champion of Swittzerland 2023 Hari Rapats offermann.

Hi, I’m Hari Rapats offermann born in Bangkok/Thailand, 42 years old and I’ve been a massage therapist for more than a decade. The massage I’m proficient in is hybrid, Asian-inspired and mixed with western infusions. I’ve participated in massage competitions where I took part in categories such as Thai Massage, Chair Massage, Advanced Massage and Eastern. 

I am traned by: Löwen Siam Thai Wellness Training Center

Master: Somkiat Chuaprang

Master: Wassana Schlaepfer

Various Instructors from SGIMA.

My website:

Facebook: Hari Hari 

Facebook: Hari Massage Therapies


Instagram: Hari Massage Therapies 

The International Massage Association look forward watching Hari Rapats offermann at the 6th World Championship in Massage in wonderful Copenhagen.