Vasile Luca, Romania

Latest Massage Therapist to sign up for the World Championship in Massage is from Romania. IMA has asked him to tell about himself:

My name is Vasile (Vali) Luca and I am a fitness personal trainer and Thai Massage instructor within Pescariu Sports & Spa Bucuresti, România.

I started studying Thai massage techniques 8 years ago when I started following specific courses in Thailand on yearly basis.

I graduated from ONG School from Chiang Mai as a basic and professional Thai Massage instructor in 2019. I graduated from an abdominal massage course within the same School (Chi Nei Tsang). In order to strengthen and develop my knowledge and technique, I followed a Tok Sen massage course and other Traditional Thai Massage advance private courses with Master jack Chaiya (Lek Chaiya style).

I participated in the National Championship in 2021 where I won the bronze medal.

I look forward to participating in this competition. I strongly believe that this is a great opportunity to develop my expertise and knowledge. Interacting with the other participants and discovering new approaches for Thai massage would be a great advantage for me.

I really wish helping people become a better version of themselves.  

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The International massage Association look forward watching Vasile Luca skills at the World Championship in Massage in wonderful Copenhagen.

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