New Massage Teacher

Marie Keller from Sweden has completed the IMA approved Massage Teacher Basic class.

She is trained in various massage techniques; everything from spa wellness massage to Swedish massage, medical massage, sports massage, deep tissue massage, Gua Sha, fascia massage and AtlasPROfilax.

She has also worked at several spas, gyms, salons and has successfully run her own clinic for many years. In recent years she has also worked as an instructor in Fazer by Artzt Vitality Fascialtherapy in collaboration with Fascia Research Group and Artzt Institut.

Marie has participated in the World Massage Championship in Denmark and other massage competitions and looks forward to arranging the Swedish Championship in Massage and to participating as a judge in the World Massage Championship 2021.

She is the owner of Keller Wellness Academy

Feedback about The International Teacher course:
It was a very interesting and educational course with a lot of information that I already recognized from before, but it was important to highlight it and be reminded of it again. There was also a lot of new information to me that I am sure will be of great benefit to me”.

The International Massage Association wishes congratulations.

Other massage teachers or massage therapists who wants to become massage teachers can sign up here

Marie Keller with Ryan Hoyme (the american teacher of the class)