World Championship Massage 2024

Next Championship June 28 – June 30 2024 in Copenhagen


Discover the new IMA sponsor: Green Spa ! 

Green Spa is a french brand that creates organic, natural and vegan cosmetics. And it’s also the new sponsor for the World Championship Massage 2024 of the International Massage Association.

This amazing brand is located in Lyon, one of the biggest cities of France. Very concerned about the environment, Green Spa creates massage oils, massage butters, scrubs, perfumed waters and scented candles. And all of their cosmetics are, of course, Made in France !

What are the values of Green Spa ?

Embark on a journey with Green Spa, a quintessentially French cosmetic brand that is passionate about wellbeing, health and ecology. 

The brand has one goal : to harness the transformative power of nature in order to elevate your natural beauty. Their meticulously crafted products, designed for professional use yet available for personal indulgence, strike a delicate balance between efficiency and eco-consciousness.

What about the organic and natural products ?

Each Green Spa creation embodies their deep-rooted commitment to both the environment and their customers’ wellbeing. 

Adhering to organic, natural, and vegan standards, Green Spa cosmetics emerge from a stringent selection of the purest, high-caliber ingredients. 

Proudly made in France, the products not only exemplify artisanal finesse but also represent the pinnacle of French excellence in skincare.

Ready for a symphony of scents ?

At the core of the Green Spa collections lies an enchanting array of fragrances. 

You will discover no less than 10 distinctive olfactory notes form a palette that captivates and delights the senses. Each scent, meticulously composed, offers a unique journey that awakens and transports the spirit. 

Whether it’s part of a sumptuous spa ritual or your daily self-care routine, the fragrances promise a haven of tranquility and escape.

Join this beautiful brand in its pursuit of a beauty that’s both sustainable and conscientious ! Green Spa is where the elegance of the natural world seamlessly intertwines with the art of beauty.

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CEO and founder of The International Massage Association Jeppe Tengbjerg says; We are pleased that Green Spa has chosen to support the World Championship in Massage, as it is a place for development, innovation and improvement in the Massage and Spa industry, just as Green Spa itself is.