EMA Becomes New Category Sponsor

Great News!: European Madero Association is new Sponsor of the International Massage Association (IMA) new Massage category at the World Championship in Massage: Body Shape Massage.

For the IMA this is the perfect match and support for this New Massage category at the 2024 World Championship in Massage – Jeppe Tengbjerg (IMA Founder and CEO)

The European Madero Association (EMA) was created because of one goal and that is the unification and standardization of Maderotherapy on a global level.

The main task of the Associations is to maintain proper and standardized education of Maderotherapy, to provide professional and advisory contribution to the improvement of technique and to introduce regulations and innovations.

The Founders of the European Madero Association are professionals with a wealth of experience in the application of Maderotherapy. They are pioneers in the formation of special techniques for applying madero elements to the whole body – head to toe.

High Madero Standards

The system of standardization implemented by EMA is based on extensive experience in fields of education and the application of Maderotherapy techniques, alongside the respect for the highest requirements imposed on physiotherapists, dermatologists, beauticians and doctors. 

The EMA prescribes standardized levels of education through which each Madero therapist can hone their skills and gain professional status, up to the level of an Madero Instructor, who can then train and support future Madero Therapists.

Madero Academy

Madero Academy is part of the European Madero Association, which provides vocational, professional and standardized training.

Each student that successfully completes the training in accord with the regulations and standards of the EMA becomes a Licensed Madero Therapist. Through that license, EMA provides numerous benefits to every Madero Therapist, which are important for personal, professional, business and career development.

Certified Madero Elements

EMA produces its own high-quality madero elements. They are made according to the original designs, which means they are structurally the most precisely formed and adapted.

The wooden elements that are used have complete paperwork – from the moment and place when the future wooden item is cut, through disinfection and sterilization procedures that are medically approved, on thermal treatment of wood, down to its arrival to the therapeutic table, to be used in the training of the future Madero Therapists.

The International Massage Association look forward working together with EMA in order to promote the Body Shaping Massage Method – Jeppe Tengbjerg (Founder and CEO of the International Massage Association)