World Championship Massage 2024

Next Championship June 28 – June 30 2024 in Copenhagen


Alexandra Rowan, Ireland

IMA asked Alexandra to describe which kind of massage she will be performing at the World Championship 2017:

Fertility Massage Therapy is a deep; yet gentle, non-invasive therapy that works by bringing the organs within the abdominal area back into alignment, releasing pressure and strengthening the surrounding muscles and ligaments. This in turn will improve blood, nerve and lymph flow. Toxins are flushed and nutrients that help to tone tissue and balance hormones, are restored to normal order. The massage also focuses on breaking down scar tissue, helping to loosen harden debris (that has been accumulating in your gut for years) encouraging a natural movement and clearing both physical and emotional congestion, leaving you and your abdomen feeling lighter and freer.

Why Focus on Reproductive, Digestive & Lower Back?

Our abdominal cavity is serviced by the same neural pathways, connecting the organs, muscles and connective tissue of the reproductive and digestive systems along with the lower back muscles. If one organ or muscle is misaligned, blocked or damaged by scar tissue – all the others will be disrupted, and can, in turn, send the whole body into disarray.  It is important to note that 80% of our immune system lives within our digestive tract, immunity, digestion and fertility are closely linked. Therefore it is important to massage and treat the whole torso area, aiming to achieve homeostasis.

From where did you graduate as a Massage Therapist:

Bronwyn Conroy School Belfast, Ireland

Which massage methods did you learn:

Fertility, Maternity, Post Natal, Deep Tissue, Therapeutic, Oncology

How many years of experience as a Massage Therapist do you have:


Your age: 33

IMA look forward meeting Alexandra and to watching her skills.