Alex van de Bilt, the Netherlands

Latest participant at the World Championship in Massage 2019 is
Alex van de Bilt from the Netherlands. IMA has receive these informations about him:

The Freestyle massage i will like to show is the DeepMuscularTechnics ( i amThe founder of this  name)massage,this is my specialty witch are people help by complaints for lowerback, upperback, headache, Tinnitus, migraine  this normaly takes 25/30 minutes, i do also the extremities, legs and footI call it DeepMuscularTechnics  ( with at the end i use magnesiumgel)then all together takes 60 minutes.The Technics are:MobilisationsSoft manipulations( Dorn Technics is the base of it)TriggerpointsDeep tissue Connective tissueI almost give massages for a periode of 25 years and give education in several courses for a periode of 20 years.I have a lot off fameus artist and capitols of industry but also the normal people witch i treat.On this moment i have 15  centers where people can come for massages in The Netherlands 

I graduted long time ago for sportmassage,( I have my own education instituut called vandebilt massage and education instituut ( And i have soms a lot of courses over all this years. (also Facebook and instagram)

IMA look forward seeing his skills at the World Championship in Massage 2019.