World Championship Massage 2024

Next Championship June 28 – June 30 2024 in Copenhagen


Yelena Gayduk, Israel

Latest participant at the World Championship in Massage is Yelena Gayduk from Israel. She won a silver medal at the Open Ukranian Massage Championship in 2019. The International Massage Association has asked her to tell about herself here:
Massage category SPA&wellness 1.

In working with a pregnant woman, I rely on my education, accompanied by pregnancy, an instructor in childbirth and a holistic approach at the stage of postpartum recovery. Along with my studies, I worked in the maternity ward of the Laniado hospital, the city of Netanya Israel, where my responsibilities also included helping the woman during exertions. And I could immediately put the whole theory of the course into practice. This suggests that I own techniques for stimulating labor. My practical experience since 2016, the education of an instructor in childbirth, internal intuition, the ability to listen to the body with my hands (hear biorhythm and breathing of the body) and knowledge of anatomy, physiology and orthopedics have never let me down in my work with a pregnant woman. I have always been able to see and understand the root of the problem that the woman turned to and find the right technique to hel
Many massage therapists today are afraid to start working with pregnant women, which is associated with the risk of harm to the mother and child. 
And in turn, the fear is justified since I do not know schools / courses for massage therapists that would teach this delicate work in full.
The main fear is the risk of causing labor. To which I always answer
 "In order not to cause childbirth, you need to know how to call them."And yet there are masters in the world who work in this direction and who are ready to transfer this knowledge to people who are faithful to the profession, to help the expectant mother during pregnancy and to prepare her for childbirth fully.

In working with classic types of SPA massages, I use soft and at the same time tangible massage client techniques.

In my practice, aggressive / violent work with the client’s body is not applicable.
At the world championship 2020 I will present 2 types of massage In order to demonstrate my practical skills in massage techniques
1.  Massage category SPA&wellness 
Massage for pregnant women. This is a combination of the best and safest techniques and techniques of Thai massage, Swedish classical massage, myofascial release, osteopathic and carnio-sacral techniques and lymphatic drainage techniques.
 Targets and goals:
1. Prevention of muscle tension muscle pain in the body, reduction of fascial pain.
2. Improving the overall health and emotional state of a pregnant woman
3. Calm the nervous system, relieve stress and fatigue
4. improves relaxation through emotional support and tissue nutrition
5. improve the quality of sleep;
6. Prevention and removal of edema
7. Addition to birth preparation programs
Author of development Elena Gayduk Israel, I have assembled massage techniques into a single integrated approach that is adapted for pregnant women and meets the needs of women at different stages of pregnancy.
Based on the techniques of the following specialist.
Alex Belkevich Israel - basic techniques of Swedish classical massage
Alfons Trashl Israel - Thai Maternity Massage
Alexander Syromyatnikov Ukraine - lymphatic drainage massage
2. Massage category SPA&wellness
Dissipate Stress Massage - this is the best of myoplastic, deep tissue massage, myofascial release techniques and oriental techniques combined in one procedure. 
This is a compromise between deep therapeutic work and a mild relaxing SPA massage. The listed methods are aimed at solving therapeutic problems, complementing one another with work with fascial shortening and trigger points.
At the same time, stay within the framework of SPA massage, without breaking the holistic perception of soft and caring work.
Targets and goals:
1.relieve fascial muscle tension and hypertonicity
2.calm the nervous system improve the flexibility and mobility of the opposing-motor system
4.postural balance correction
Author of development Dmitriy Redka Ukraine. Lecturer Association of massage therapists. Programs of correction and modeling of shapes bath technologies. SPA master of the highest category judge of the World Championships in Massage. Certified Teacher of the International School of myoplastic Massage and International School of SPA 
From where did you graduate as a massage therapist? 
2016-2017 - Wingate Institute of Psychology and Sports Israel, Swedish massage course
2017 - Wingate Institute of Psychology and Sports Academic College, Birth doula Childbirth instructor
 2017- Agency of Childbirth&Maternity Care Professionals of Yana Tesler  - postpartum recovery holistic approach 
2019 - Ukraine SPA School - lymphatic drainage massage
The International Massage Association look forward watching Yelena Gayduk skills at the World Championship 2021 in Copenhagen.