1st Balkan festival Alternative cure services

The International Massage Association look forward taking part of this great event.

Our lives quality is equal to welfare.
We need to take care of our body, not only by eating right but also by exercising regularly. We should listen to what our body tells us. The ancient Greeks used to say “not only healthy body but healthy mind as well”.
A welfare festival will take place at Servia , Kozani where next to the beautiful lake and the ruins of the old castle, we will learn about alternative cure services.

A festival for both children and adults with lots of speeches, seminars and the world massage tournament with more than 400 participants.
At the same time there will be an exhibition of aromatic flowers and traditional products. An exhibition and activities from the “iliactida” members. Blood donation by the hospital of Kozani. Exhibition of local food and beverages, as well as of handmade traditional clothing.

Folklore dances will be presented by local professionals and clubs as they are a strong firm of alternative mind and soul cure.
Our own welfare is in our hands.
Come join us.
The programme of the festival will be announced on 30th September 2019 after the applications. Our online page will be ready at the end of August