Why participate in a Massage Championship?

Written by: Katja Prpic Tremblay from Massopreneurs Magazine

Why have a championship?

Massage championships extend beyond being a place where people put their talent on the line; in fact, for many participants, medals take a back seat. If massage therapists engage solely for the pursuit of medals, they miss out on a multitude of experiences. These events offer a splendid opportunity for learning, drawing inspiration, and, most importantly, for connecting and exchanging ideas with fellow therapists. They serve as a platform for networking, paving the way for new possibilities through the establishment of international friendships.

A championship provides a setting where quality is not only defined but also actively encouraged and rewarded. And in this process, yes it does grant massage therapists exposure, but it also highlights the very qualities of what makes great massages and great massage therapists. In the massage world, there are few places where this is done in a well-intentioned, organized, and supportive way. Through the establishment of a massage championship, individuals, encompassing both professionals and the public, channel their attention towards what truly matters.

Massage is a manual therapy with its biomechanical, psychocorporal and energetic qualities that impact the body and mind.

The public is still in the process of discovering the incredible benefits of massage and loves to explore the multiple possibilities that this millenary therapy offers in its tradition and modernity.

International competitions are a pretext to present a vast array of practices existing around the world and the occasion for each RMT to export and broaden her\his art beyond the walls of her\his clinic…

In a championship, therapists around the world are invited to participate to:

-Have fun, share, exchange with colleagues from all walks of life and build strong ties.

-To positively position massage therapy worldwide in the public eyes.

-Demonstrate passion as massage therapist.

-Encourage progress, learning, getting out of any comfort zone and surpass themselves.

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Thank you Katja Prpic Tremblay from Massopreneurs Magazine for pointing out so many benefits in participating at Massage Championships – Jeppe Tengbjerg (CEO The International Massage Association)

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