Viktor Kovyrzin, Ukraine

Latest Massage Therapist signing yo for the World Championship in Massage 2023 is Viktor Kovyrzin from Ukraine. IMA has asked him to tell about himself:

My name is Viktor Kovyrzin, this is the second time I participate in the World Championship.

I want to present to your attention my original author’s Ladanie technique.

The goal is to involve the client into his own work together with Ladanie Master.  He is involved in changing deep inner conditions of his body, soul and mind. For doing this, I use deep mobilization of soft tissues and joints in two original ways:

– Method of reverse action “Inverse Massage”

– “Impulse Wave Mobilization” method.

To solve psychosomatic problems, I use the Neurosomatics program developed and used by me since 2008 year. Communication with the client during the procedure helps to keep his attention inside of his body and control the process of relaxation.

The main goal of mutual work during the session is to return softness of miofascial structures, ligament elasticity, joints mobility, relaxation for the nervous system, calmness for the soul. Great changes begin  in this new condition of the body: blood and lymph circulation are restored, metabolic processes are normalizing, the whole body is recovering by itself.

The technique was founded on the basis of my healing after the car accident and a fracture of the spine. My grandmother Maria, a healer in the third generation, helped me to recover.

Based on her ancient knowledge, my own experience as an engineer, martial arts master and medical education, I created my own original methodology Ladanie. And later in 2018 year after 12 year of effective practice together with my wife Olena we founded the “International Ladanie School”.

– In 1994 graduated from the engineering faculty.

– In 2006, I had an accident, broke my spine and was healed by my grandmother Maria and began to practice her massage.

– In 2011 founded the Karate Federation.

– In 2013 received a diploma of a healer and opened the “Alternative Medicine Center”

– In 2018 graduated from the Medical College and received the certificate “medical massage”

– In 2018 method Ladanie was certified in Ukraine and got the copyright. Foundation of the “International Ladanie School”. This year I began teaching this methodology in different countries of the world.

I’m happy to share my experience with you!

And I’m looking forward to the World Championship in Massage and represent Ukraine.

The International massage Association look forward watching Viktor Kovyrzin skills at the World Championship in Massage 2022 in wonderful Copenhagen.

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