Video podcast with Jean-Guy de Gabriac

Here you can see IMA Founder Jeppe Tengbjerg doing an Interview with Jean-Guy de Gabriac (Tip Toch International), about World Wellness Weekend and how massage therapists should re-starting or/and re-opening their clinics and Spa’s.

They are also having talks about championships, future massage educations and what great events to look forward to after the Covid has passed.

Topic 1: World Wellness Weekend

  1. What is it?
  2. How can massage therapists and spa owners benefit from taking part?
  3. How can schools benefit from it?

Topic 2 = Signature massage

  1. What is a signature massage?
  2. Why having a Signature massage?

Topic 3 = the World Championship in Massage  

  1. Why do you think that these competitions popular? 
  2. What is it the participants can gain from it?
  3. What is that the school owners can gain from it?
  4. What is it the teachers could gain from it
  5. What is it the Sponsors can gain from it?
Jean-Guy de Gabriac