World Championship Massage 2024

Next Championship June 28 – June 30 2024 in Copenhagen


Tamir Gal, Israel

Latest participant at the World Championship in Massage 2019 in Copenhagen is Tamir Gal from Israel. IMA has asked him to tell about himself.

Dear family of therapists, my name is Tamir Gal. At a very young age I started treating those who’d were close to me, family, friends and whoever was around me. At the age of 25 I started my journey in the therapeutic world in order to expand my knowledge and become more professional. I studied in a number of colleges in order to enrich myself in as many techniques and methods possible that there are in treatment.  I learned the basics at Karkur Collge. Which is considered one the leading colleges in Israel.

In 2004, I began to treat people and for a decade I worked intensively in a spa and in a private clinic mainly with athletes and dancers.

After that, I made a few changes and moved to completely different fields.

Last year’s World Championship was a defining moment for me:

During this time I worked shifts in a completely different profession and right when my contract was coming to its end I was standing at a crossroad with a variety of options to choose from- and I’ll add that during this time the amount of my treatments were close to nothing. 

I discovered that there is a World Championshipin massage and that’s when something strong awakened in me and I understood exactly where my essence was directed.

The main thing that guided and supported me in this amazing process is the studies I have been studying for the past two and a half years in The Cosmic University:

The Cosmic University:

“brings innovative consciousness and knowledge to assist humanity in advancing towards unity, wellbeing, sustainability, and abundance.”

I recently learned a method of treatment called “Louhar Tika“:

which works to restore a man’s arrays to its source of frequency and adjusts them to the original realization of potential. 

 This is a treatment that is accompanied by a very high energy frequency, usually done in conversation and I chose to combine it in massage.

Today I’m a Full-time therapist, I have a private clinic.

Works in collaboration with groups of runners, cyclists and Pilates Studio (considered one of the three largest studios in Israel)

For me the World Championship is an amazing experience that enables an encounter with a huge number of different people, therapists of many different techniques that open their hearts, resonate with their energy and share their knowledge with other therapists and the world.

I am very  excited to meet you all!

The International Massage Association look forward to Tamir Gal’s skills again at the World Championship in Massage 2019 in Copenhagen.