Silvia Pellegrini, Italy

Latest participant to sign up for the World Championship in Massage 2022 is Silvia Pellegrini from Italy. She is one of the Pioneers who participated online at the World Championship in Massage 2021. IMA has asked her to tell about herself.

My name is Silvia Pellegrini and I started to work as a Massage-Therapist 8 years ago. Since 3 years until now I work as a beautican and Massage therapist in a Spa of a fourstar hotel. (Hotel Edelweiss, Maranza, South Tyrol, Italy) I frequented the Beauty Center Valentino School (Sardinia, Italy) where I got the specialization in Massage and Beautican.

The first two years of study at the Beauty Center Valentino School I got in touch with massages like deep tissue massage, californian massage, sport massage, antistress and olistic massages. The following 3rd year I completed the last year of specialization in Milan at the BCM (Beauty Center Of Milan School) where I got the skills of Lymph drainage and Thai Massage. The last specialization I made to get new massage skills was 2018 in Bali, where I learned the traditional  Balinese Massage.

Massages are my passion. Such the great feeling of this peace and energy I get when I practice my skills to a client in the massage room, give me the power to never stop learning and doing my best. I can’t wait to show my skills of massaging and especially my own techniques to the Jury and other massage therapists at the World Championship of Massage, and last but not least being part of this Championship would be a huge oppurtunity  for my personal career and especially for myself to make a lot of experience and connections with massage therapists from all the world.

The International Massage Association and our sponsor Lemi look forward watching Silvia Pellegrini skills at the World Championship in Massage in wonderful Copenhagen, Denmark.

Silvia Pellegrini at IMA’s Hybrid World Championship in Massage 2021